Tucson Camp Recap

Tucson Camp Recap


Well the first camp of 2016 is in the books and it couldn’t have gone any better. Great Arizona weather, picture perfect settings, a lot learned and amazing friendships made in just four days! It really validated why we started Endurance Camps. We truly believe that you can make a huge impact on peoples lives in just a short four days away from reality.

Even the coaches come away with new inspiration and goals. Check out our cycling/MTB coach Chris Masilon’s two posts on his experience. HERE and HERE. His posts really sum up our time out in Tucson – such a great weekend and it will forever be ingrained in my memory bank. Special thanks to Speedfil and TriSports for sponsoring this camp and help making it a great experience for the campers.

I’m a big believer that when you have the right people working for you that share the same enthusiasm, coaching philosophies and influence, it can rub off onto the campers – it’s contagious! Tucson was no different -having Chef Adam, Chris and our swim coach Carol really made Tucson a great success and ultimately it makes EC what it is today.

That said, Endurance Camps is going through some growing pains. Everyone on staff does this part time and the workload is definitely a full time job. We are currently seeking a part time intern to lead up our social media and marketing outreach. If you know anyone that is a triathlete, knows social media and needs some experience – this can be a great opportunity to join a fast growing company with a possible full time/paid position in the near future. For more details contact us at endurancecamps at gmail.com

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