What level athlete does EC accommodate? Endurance Camps is for all levels. We’ve found that the best group dynamic happens when you mix all the levels together because everyone can learn from each other. Newbies tend to teach the experienced how fun it is again and the experienced teach the newbies valuable lessons!

What is the workout structure? Campers will have their choice each day to swim, hike, bike or run with the appropriate coach. For your typical 4 day/3 night camp, workout structure is as follows:
Thursday: 1 workout
Friday: 2 workouts
Saturday: 2 workouts
Sunday: 1 workout
Workouts are completely optional and not mandatory. Don’t feel like working out? Stay at the cabin and nap or read! 

Is there SAG support? Yes, all open water swims are accompanied by either a kayak-er or paddle-boarder, along with designated leaders in different packs. Lifeguards are on deck for pool swims. Bike rides will have support via coaches/captains and if the ride is large/long enough there will be van/SAG support. Longer runs will have mountain bike/cycling support.

What size are the groups? Typically there are anywhere between 12-20 in the group including the EC staff. This provides a great athlete to coach ratio and allows the group to bond.

What are the camp rooming arrangements? EC’s rooming arrangement is a standard double. If you come with a friend or a couple we can room you together. If you are coming solo, we will pick someone great to room you with! Note that some rooms have bunk beds or multiple beds and each cabin/house will be different. Often times, there will be options to pay more for your own room/bed.

What do I need to bring? Towels, bedding, etc… Each cabin/house is unique. Upon registration you will be directed to the camp Facebook page where you will get you all of the details and things you need to know specifically for that camp and meet your future camp mates!

What happens if it rains? All camps are rain or shine. Like a race, you always need to be open for adjustments in your plans. EC camps are no different – no matter what the weather is like, you’ll walk away with an unforgettable experience.

Can I rent gear from EC? Bikes, wet-suits and other gear will not be available for rent. However, we try hard to develop relationships with the local Tri/bike shops to set up discounts for campers if renting is needed.

Are all meals provided? EC will cover all meals, light snacks, water and coffee.  EC will not provide workout nutrition and any alcohol you want will be on your own.

Can you accommodate my special dietary restrictions/allergies? As long as you contact us ahead of time to inform us of what your restrictions/allergies are – then yes we can. EC chefs can always work around this, including picky eaters!

What is your cancellation policy? You can cancel for 100% of your deposit back if its 60 days or more before the camp start date. No return policy if it’s less than 60 days before the camp start date. However, you CAN transfer your deposit to another camp in the future but it must be within 12 months from the cancellation date.

If you have any other questions, please email us at endurancecamps@gmail.com