Checking in with Plans

Checking in with Plans


Wow, EC is taking off and I noticed I haven’t blogged in awhile! Things are going really well here and we are extremely excited about 2016. The plan was to host one camp a month in 2016 and it looks like it’s going to happen. Here’s the tentative schedule for 2016:

January: Tucson, AZ Tri camp (2 spots remaining)
February: Tucson, AZ Pro/Elite AG tri camp *tentative
March: Las Vegas, NV Tri camp (Sold out)
April: San Diego, CA Running camp (Registration open Jan. 1st)
May: Open (possible cycling camp)
June: Richmond, VA or Lake Placid, NY Tri camp *tentative
July: Bend, OR Tri camp *tentative
August: Breckenridge, CO Running camp (Registration open Jan. 1st)
September: Big Bear, CA Tri camp
Oct-Dec: TBD

There are so many things in the works and we are so excited to share them once they are finalized. Thank you for all of the support, feedback and suggestions. Cheers to 2016!

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