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The Story Endurance Camps

EC was born in 2015 with the goal to provide a completely different type of camp experience. Most camps available out there are “training camps” where you stay in a hotel, eat on your own and train all day. EC takes you back to your childhood’s summer camp – a large cabin or house in a beautiful serene setting. Chef prepared meals are waiting for you when you wake up or get back from a workout. Coaches at your disposal with decades of experience – teaching you and guiding you in a safe environment for all ability levels. 

Camp Structure

Camps are typically 4 days and 3 nights, held from Thursday afternoons to Sunday afternoons. Camp attendance is usually around 12-20 athletes. All meals are prepared for you by an award winning chef with light snacks and drinks available. A hands-on cooking class lead by the chef is held each camp. There are usually 2 workouts/day with your choice of swimming, biking, hiking or running. Clinics, seminars, bike fitting and visualization are often found alongside beautiful sunset views, pine tree smells, S’Mores by the campfire and late-night games with the movie “Prefontaine” in the background. More found at FAQ.

Types of Camps

The majority of our camps will have swimming, biking, hiking and running options with a swim/hike, bike and run coach at each camp. Sport specific -Running camps, hiking camps, cycling camps, mountain bike camps and swimming camps are also available. 1 or 2 day “mini-camps” along with local clinics/seminars are also available throughout the year. If you have a group of 10+ friends that would love to go to an EC camp, we can tailor an amazing camp/destination experience for you upon request.

Camp Destinations

Our camps are held between January-September. The winter/early spring months you can find camps held at warmer locations such as Arizona, California and Nevada. Late Spring through Summer you can find us anywhere on the map in the United States!

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Our Campers

Always have something nice to say about us
Polly G.

“Super fun and very helpful weekend. This came at the perfect time in my training and helped reset my mental game!”

Courtney C.

“This will go down as one of the best weekends in my adult life. So fun, great chemistry in the group. One thing I didn’t expect was how much I would laugh in the pool, on the trail, and around the table. Such a great experience, I’ll be back!”

Ben N.

“This has been a great experience. Organized well, great staff. All of our needs were met and we got everything we expected from training. Thank you Endurance Camps!”