EC is back!

EC is back!

It feels good to be back! I figured what better way to come back by revamping the website and opening up a camp where it all started – Big Bear Lake, CA!

                Juliet Faith

James Adams here (owner/founder, EC) – On Thanksgiving Day of 2016 my baby girl Juliet was born into this world with Down Syndrome. Trust me, we are blessed! There was some fear of the unknown at first because we didn’t know much about it. That’s where Brittany’s Baskets of Hope came in and gave us comfort, gave us gifts and gave us clothes for our baby girl. It meant a lot to us and are forever grateful for what Brittany and her organization is doing to bring Down Syndrome awareness and comfort to those that are the lucky ones 🙂

It’s our turn to give back now – Some proceeds from every camp will be donated to Brittany’s Baskets of Hope! Feel free to check them out in the meantime and donate!

The “why” factor for Endurance Camps is now even more prevalent. Expect to see a lot more exciting things in the near future and a camp near you!

Check out the new website, share it with your friends and help us build this start up into something big! Previous campers can tell you – there is something special about EC and we want to share it with the world.

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