1st Quarter 2016 Update

1st Quarter 2016 Update

Well we are wrapping up the first quarter here at EC and I would say it was a big success! We hosted two camps, hired an Intern and are currently getting ready to field our first Endurance Camps Ragnar team in SoCal!

Momentum is really catching on and EC is spreading rapidly across the entire United States. I get requests and questions from all over the world on a daily basis and it really is a testament to the need and desire that is out there to host and/or attend our camps. Who doesn’t want to get away for the weekend, get treated like kings/queens while participating and learning about the sport you love with those that have the same passion for it that you do!?

We are also getting a lot of requests from clubs and coaches in particular to host camps for their athletes. The idea of getting paid to coach your own camp without any hassle or liability is a huge draw and I see us partnering up with more and more of that market as we continue to grow. I envision having EC employees in each quadrant of the US servicing these clubs and coaches – delivering the same amazing product/service that we bring to the table for each camp.

On the camper side of it – we continue to take requests for certain parts of the country and if it makes sense for our staff we’ll make it happen! Most recently we opened up our first camp on the east coast at Lake Placid June 16-19th. There are spots still available – be sure to register soon before it fills!

I think the biggest thing I want to communicate is that if you’ve been on the fence about registering for one of our camps, I highly suggest you do it this year if money is a factor. Prices are at an absolute premium and as we continue to grow, our overhead will also which will drive prices up.

I want to thank everyone that has helped spread the word about EC. Starting a new business is not easy – there are two ways you can look at it:

  1. Very difficult, financial strain, won’t work
  2. Passionate, meaningful,  great opportunity

Only one way!

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