Endurance Camps Las Vegas

Endurance Camps Las Vegas

Well Vegas is a wrap and it ended up being a great success partnering up with MultiSport Mastery out of Chicago!

One of the coolest things we are doing is traveling to these amazing training destinations that have perfect weather no matter what time of the year it is. So far we have inhabited the desert climates of Tucson, AZ and now Las Vegas, NV. Both proved to have perfect training conditions (minus the last day of Vegas camp with wind/rain!).

One of the unique things we do which is rapidly catching momentum is teaming up with clubs and coaches nationwide to host these camps. We handle all of the logistics, accommodations, general liability / insurance costs, deposits, meals, registrations, etc (all of the things coaches and clubs don’t have time or resources for) and allow the coaches do what they do best – coach!

We had a huge group for Vegas. Normally we run 12-15, but in this case we had a full house of 23 which included coaches and sponsors. Big thanks to TriSports.com, BASE Performance and Blueseventy for sponsoring Vegas!

The highlight of camp as usual was the 5-Course Beer Pairing Dinner which Chef Adam did another astounding job at. It’s amazing what happens to these groups once you put great food and drink in front of them. People stay off of their phones, live in the moment, make great conversation and new friends! Just a lot of laughing, smiles and happy bellies. This experience continues to get better and better with each camp and I cannot wait to see what next camp has in store!

Training included swims at the beautiful Henderson MultiGen outdoor pool, rides on the infamous (former) Silverman/World Championships course, some fun bike path roller coasters and runs at UNLV track and Red Rock Canyon!

There’s something about camp that when you leave – you leave a different person. When you get away from it all, stay in lavish accommodations with beautiful surroundings, eat fresh/healthy food prepared for you by a chef and train with people that have the same interest and take a little “you” time, life all of the sudden becomes a little more clear then when you arrived to camp. That is special and that is what EC is all about.

Make sure you sign up for Lake Placid, spots won’t last long!

More pics from camp:

Silverman course
Running in Red Rock Canyon
Celebrating a hard day of work!
Group ride
Craft beer dinner
UNLV track
Chef Adam

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