Plans for 2016

Plans for 2016


As we approach 2016 – EC is speaking with a lot of different clubs and coaches to set up camps. Outside of club/coaches, EC will be hosting camps on it’s own (and providing coaching). What I want to hear from is YOU. What destinations would you like to see camp at? What has great accommodations, beautiful scenery, has breweries close by, open water swimming, great trails, track – what is the perfect camp destination!??

EC’s already planned camps for 2016 (details on these camps will be available by the end of the year):

  1. Tucson, AZ (Tri/Xterra)
  2. Las Vegas, NV (Tri)
  3. Breckenridge, CO (Running)
  4. Bellingham, WA (Running)
  5. Bend, OR (Tri)
  6. Big Bear, CA (Tri)

Area’s EC is interested and actively seeking (from personal interest and EC follower influence):

  1. Austin, TX
  2. Lake Placid, NY
  3. Mammoth Lakes, CA
  4. Eugene, OR
  5. Moab, UT
  6. Prescott, AZ

For the budget/time restraint athlete, EC will also be hosting 2 day/1 night [sport specific] weekend camps! These will all be held in the Southwest US starting in 2016. Structured as:

  1. Saturday morning workout, lunch prepared by chef, filmed skills/technique workout session, 5 course beer pairing dinner from local brewery/ local ingredients.
  2. One night accommodation in a luxurious cabin.
  3. Sunday morning workout then off to lunch/closing.

What I want to hear from is YOU! Where would you love to see Endurance Camps in 2016? Feel free to comment or email us at endurancecamps at

7 Responses

  1. Westlake Village Ca

  2. Many great things in the Ozarkia

  3. I would love to see Endurance camp grow and become international.Welcome to Kenya too

  4. Would love to see an option in the southeast like Chattanooga or in the Carolina’s.

    1. Thanks Amanda, will do!

  5. Would love to see a Lake Placid camp.

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