Clubs and Coaches

Clubs and Coaches

A large reason why we started Endurance Camps was to provide a service for clubs and coaches nationwide to give them the ability to run camps for their athletes without having to go through with the enormous amount of time, money, insurance and resources needed to host such an event.

We are finding out there is a huge need for this not only from clubs and coaches but from their athletes. Athletes want to get away for the weekend and clubs/coaches want to be able to run the camp but not do all the dirty work! That’s where Endurance Camps comes in. There’s basically three things that EC requires of each camp and the rest is up to you:

  1. Go big on accommodations. We will always pick the best cabin/house available in the area. There is nothing more depressing then going away for the weekend and spend it at a dump. EC makes sure each camp offers a home for the weekend that is unlike anything you would normally stay in. Makes camp more fun. 
  2. Chef prepared meals. The idea of going out on your own for food each day is no different then most people do each day. EC provides fresh, home-cooked meals made from local ingredients. It provides the continuity for the athletes and brings the group together in a family like setting.
  3. 5 Course Beer Pairing Dinner with EC’s chef and craft beer from a local brewery. The staple of camp – great education, food and drink bring a group together like nothing else!

All coaches, workouts and structure of camp can be completely customized for each camp. Visit our Club/Coaches page for more details.

If you would like a proposal and/or more details, contact us at endurancecamps at

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