Pueblo Vida Brewing at Tucson Camp

Pueblo Vida Brewing at Tucson Camp

Pueblo Vida BrewingEndurance Camps is excited to have Pueblo Vida Brewing as the official craft beer sponsor for our 5-Course Beer Pairing dinner which will be held at the Tucson, AZ camp in January! They will be sending a representative to talk to the campers about each of the beers that will be paired with Chef Adam Chertkow’s 5-course meal.

“Our 5-Course Beer Pairing Dinner really is the staple of these camps. I’m really excited to partner up with Pueblo Vida Brewing so that we have an expert on hand to discuss the brewing process, ingredients and details of what went into making the beers that will be served,” -James Adams, Founder-Endurance Camps.

Check out Pueblo Vida’s website and follow them on social media!

There’s more to camp than just training. When was the last time you sat down with a large group of athletes for a long meal with amazing food and drink? It brings the campers together and I’m really excited to add the element of a local brewery and pair it with local ingredients.

For you non-beer drinkers, don’t you worry. Plans are in the mix already for future camps to host these 5-Course meals with a beer vs. wine element which will have local reps from each side, scorecards, swag, etc!

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