One week away from first camp!

One week away from first camp!

It’s amazing how fast time goes by when you are busy. Starting a new business, working my day job (where we are also extremely busy), a wife, two kids and a newborn can make days disappear pretty quickly. On top of that, trying to squeeze in some workouts is very difficult to do. I’m really enjoying the process though – all of it. Endurance Camps has really started to take shape. The business model continues to develop naturally and I can’t help but feel like a kid again with a week to go until camp!

This first camp is a big deal. Almost all of it is funded out of pocket (minus the cabin). When you have so much invested you want to make sure every detail is perfect and that you’re prepared for everything. At my current job I host events in the 50-150 people range, so 15 seems minuscule in comparison but now it’s my baby! Most of the campers are friends or friends of friends. A whole day will be dedicated to filming and the rest of the camp will have some really cool clinics and as many workouts as we can squeeze in. The Big Bear camp will set the tone and foundation for camps to come and I’m really happy with the group we’ve assembled and the branding that has evolved over the past few months.

What’s next after this camp?

ROF Industries will be filming at camp and producing two videos. One will be used for a Kickstarter campaign which will offer discounted camps and merchandise for anyone interested. The other video will be a promotional video that will be used on this site. That’s when the REAL marketing begins. 2015 may have a mountain bike camp in Catalina Island (depending on El Niño) but the big push for camps will be in 2016. Triathlon camps, running, cycling, mountain biking, swimming – you name it. I will be partnering up with coaches (and paying them) all around the US to help fill camps in each of their desired disciplines. Each camp will have the “camp” feel, structure, branding, coaching philosophy and the token 5-Course Beer Pairing Dinner!

I’ve already received a handful of great coaching resumes. If you know of a coach in the US that wants a company to do all the leg work for a camp while they just help fill and coach the camp and get paid well doing it – send them my way to

Thanks for reading. Next week I’ll highlight some of the cool things we’ll be doing at camp! Here’s a peak at some of the new swag for camp!

American Apparel EC Camp Shirt
EC Camp Patch Trucker Hat

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