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Why Endurance Camps?

1. Take you out of your bubble.
2. Put you in a beautiful setting.
3. Meet new friends.
4. Push yourself past your comfort zone.
5. Reflect, learn and leave as a transformed athlete.

Lots of clubs have “training camps” which is not what Endurance Camps is going to be about. There will be training but it will not be the sole focus. Getting fit happens over a long period of time – not just in one weekend. We are going to focus on how to approach training/racing from the mental game along with technique/form training, how to get sponsorships no matter what level you are, athlete goal setting, cooking classes, beer pairing dinners and the list goes on!

Having fun will be the sole focus while enjoying a true “camp” experience.

Endurance Camps will be held all over the US starting in 2016. Camps will include:

  • Triathlon camps
  • Running camps
  • Cycling camps
  • Mountain biking camps
  • Open water swimming camps
  • Adventure racing camps

We have paid positions available for 2016! If you are a qualified coach in any of the above disciplines with experience in running camps, we want to hear from you. Please email us at endurancecamps@gmail.com for more details.

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