Endurance Camps

Endurance Camps

After countless years of obsessing over the idea, I’m finally giving in.

Growing up as a kid, each summer I attended a summer camp. It truly was a life-changing experience for me and I always looked forward to going back each year. It taught me about relationships, the great outdoors and always took me out of my comfort zone. When that happens, the memories stick with you like they happened yesterday. Once I outgrew that camp, I continued to think about it each summer, missing the experiences that I had.

Fast forward to college and “camp” became a reality again, this time Cross Country training camp in Mammoth Lakes, CA. It took me back to my childhood. All of the camaraderie, the training, learning and the great outdoors. Only this time as a young man, it gave me a chance to reflect on my life, my training and even my goals. It always put me in a good place and since those college days are long gone, I still crave it and miss it. Until now.

I’m so excited for Endurance Camps. I’ve put on a lot of events over the years in my professional life and the saying “It’s all in the details,” rings true. Between our athletic, professional and coaching backgrounds – I promise you will leave Endurance Camps as a different athlete and person.

To create more interest in the website, I will blog the journey of starting up a new business. The successes and failures that await us will be documented for your viewing pleasure! I’m looking forward to what the future holds and glad you are a part of it!


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